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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

"Chambers Mediation International Accredited Mediator Training Course

was simply fantastic! I was Student Ambassador for Aspiring Solicitors and

President of the Law Society when Leina and I first came into contact. Chambers

courses stood out from the other course providers, and I found Leina to be very

helpful and knowledgeable. Leina is one of those rare individuals who naturally

serves as an inspiring mentor to each student taking part in the University

programmes. With such a qualified background in the legal profession, Leina

exhibits inventive teaching skills which are a unique method of learning. These

qualities translate in her ability to teach in such a way that it becomes an instant

pleasure to learn logically. Leina is a brilliant role model to me and I would

recommend anyone who has the correct enthusiasm to mediate to take part in

this growing market, and qualify with Chambers." Shane S



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