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Mediation is best undertaken at an early stage in your case as it prevents costs from escalating. The fees vary depending on the value of the dispute, the length and the location of the mediation. The fee is split equally between the parties and will be significantly less than pursuing your case through the court. We will be pleased to give you a quotation after we have had the opportunity of discussing the details of the potential mediation with you. The fees quoted to you will be the total fees you will be asked to pay for the mediator's services. There are no additional booking or administration fees.

We are Ministry of Justice and Court Scheme compliant. Our mediators will normally be prepared to charge fees in accordance with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) scales for UK  mediations referred through Chambers. The MoJ fee scale is subject to change. At the time of the last update of this website the MoJ fee scales were as follows:

For claims above £50,000 fees are by agreement between the mediator and the parties.


All of the above figures are the fees per party and are subject to the addition of VAT if the mediator appointed is VAT registered (not all of our mediators charge VAT). The fees are based on the assumption that the mediation will be concluded on the day it begins - different rates may apply if the mediation is expected to go into a second day or beyond. Preparation time prior to the mediation is included in the above fees. It should also be noted that all incidental expenses such as costs of venue, travel and subsistence would be additional to the above scales.

Workplace mediation fees are agreed with and paid by the employer and are calculated on a time spent basis. The format of a workplace mediation will vary depending on how ready parties are to face one another. Mediations that are conducted within a day will be costed according to the mediator's daily rate, which will vary from upwards of £1,000 per day. It is often the case  in workplace mediations that parties prefer to spread the sessions over a number of days. In such cases, the mediator will usually charge by the hour at a fraction of their daily rate.

Please note that our Mediators are not obliged to accept a mediation at the MoJ fee scale. If you would like a Chambers mediator to accept a mediation at the MoJ fee scale it is your responsibility to check with the mediator whether he/she will adopt the MoJ fee scale in your particular case.




Overseas International Mediation fees are by agreement between the mediator and the parties.



If you cannot afford to pay these fees, one of our mediators might be prepared to waive part or all of their fee subject to being satisfied that it is appropriate in all the circumstances to do so.

Amount you are claiming (claim + any counterclaim)

£5000 or less

£5000 to £15,000


£50 + VAT

£100 + VAT

£300 + VAT


1 Hour

2 Hours

3 Hours

£15,000 to £50,000

£425 + VAT

4 Hours

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